NEW! Alan has made a major statement recently about the need for a secure place for Scottish Literature and Culture in the curriculum of Scottish schools. This is part of an ongoing campaign by the Association for Scottish Literary Studies and others to make the Scottish Government realise the importance of Scottish culture as a required element in Scottish education. Read that statement in full here


Alan MacGillivray is now an occasional practising poet who lives just outside Glasgow in the West of Scotland. Over many years he was successively an English teacher, a college lecturer training English teachers, a teacher of English as a Foreign Language and a university lecturer in Scottish literature. He has lived and worked in various parts of Scotland, from Annan in the south to Inverness and Shetland in the north, but has been located in Glasgow for more than thirty years. His parents came from Ross and Cromarty in the Highlands, but he was born in Fife and brought up in the Borders town of Dumfries. One of his major interests throughout his career has been the literature and language of Scotland, and he has constantly sought to promote the teaching of Scottish Literature in schools, colleges and universities, usually as part of the work of the Association for Scottish Literary Studies.

This website is the latest of his ventures towards informing about Scot. Lit., and literature generally, with the aim of popularising it among those involved in teaching and interested in reading. Another purpose is to provide an outlet for some of his own poems and other writings. He has three collections of poetry published by his own imprint, Crowlin Press: "Kindly Clouds" (2005) (now out of print), "The Bountiful Loch" (2007) and "the saga of fnc gull" (2009). His major new collection, "An Altitude Within" (2010), brings together poems from his first two books and new previously uncollected poems. It is published by Kennedy and Boyd ( Alan MacGillivray and Crowlin Press can be contacted at

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