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Crowlin Press is the imprint created and used by Alan MacGillivray for the publication of his poetry and prose writings.

Alan MacGillivray writes:

"The name of Crowlin Press comes from the Crowlin Islands, a group of three small islands at the mouth of Loch Carron, off the south coast of Applecross in Wester Ross. In the middle of the nineteenth century, tenants were cleared from the Applecross estate to make way for sheep and a group of families were settled on the largest island, Crowlin Mor. Among them was a family of MacDonalds, to whom was born on Crowlin in 1866 a daughter named Flora, who became my maternal grandmother. The families on Crowlin slipped back to Applecross in the course of time and Flora MacDonald grew up on Applecross, where she met a young carpenter named John MacKenzie from the neighbouring parish of Lochcarron. They were the parents of my mother.

"A few years ago, my brother Jim and I, and a Canadian cousin, Bill Macdonald, were taken by boat from Duirinish, beside Plockton, by another cousin on our first and only visit to our grandmother's birthplace. It was a moving experience, which is captured in the poem, "Crowlin Mor", in the collection, Kindly Clouds, published by Crowlin Press in 2005."

Kindly Clouds: Poems by Alan MacGillivray, 40pp., 2005, ISBN 0-9550169-0-8.
Cost: £5.00 (inc. p&p) from Crowlin Press at the above address.

The Bountiful Loch by Alan MacGillivray.
Crowlin Press 2007.
ISBN 0-9550169-1-6
Price (inc. p.and p.): 5.50

This is Alan MacGillivray's second collection of poems. It has a more political slant than Kindly Clouds, with several poems reflecting on issues of the day, e.g., Iraq, Scottish concerns, etc. The centrepiece of the collection is a series of monologues by a rapacious and opinionated seagull who has travelled widely and observed the world with a cynical eye, delivering his judgements on all and sundry with a resounding splat.

the fnc gull monologues have now been collected into:
the saga of fnc gull
40pp, Crowlin Press 2009
ISBN 978-0-9550169-2-9
Price (inc. p&p) £8.00

New: An Altitude Within, by Alan MacGillivray
124pp, Kennedy & Boyd 2010
ISBN 978-1-84921-007-2

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